Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Degree Dry Spray

I recently tried the new Degree Dry Spray thanks to Influenster. I have used a variety of brands and types of deodorants before in the quest to stay dry. Stick, gel, roll-on, spray, you name it! I was excited to try the Degree Dry Spray, because it has been a while since I used a deodorant spray. 

The first test was using the dry spray on my trip to Cancun. I sprayed a little of the dry spray on my armpits and hoped for the best. 

The first thing I noticed was the smell. Really fresh and clean. Tropical with a powder accent. I packed up and headed to the airport. 

I had a red eye flight that was delayed for an hour. When I checked, I still smelled great after two hours. Boarded the plane and was on the plane for about three hours. 

Stopped in Miami. It was super hot. Checked again. Was still smelling fresh. Got on the second flight and was in the air for another three hours. Landed and went to a bed and breakfast. I was so excited and exhausted. Lay down and the first thing I noticed was that I still smelled fresh. Like I had just got out of the shower! 

Now I use the Degree Dry Spray before my shifts for work. I am a Makeup Artist and Skin Specialist so my job requires me to be up close and personal with women and men. I used to freshen up at lunch every day by reapplying my deodorant. Since I tried the dry spray, I haven't had to reapply. I was really impressed with the Degree Dry Spray for the ease of use, effectiveness and fresh scent.

Degree Dry Spray can be found at Walmart. I received this product complimentary to review from Influenster. #degree #trydry #walmart 

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